Another Bzz Agent report but this time not about food yet about something we must do before eating: wash our hands! Back in the “old days” we used bar soap and it hasn’t actually been that long since we started using the convenience of liquid soap. Now, clean is all about Foam; which is actually liquid in the bottle until the dispenser magically turns it into foam to clean your grubby hands. Science!

Lysol foam

Lysol is a brand name we’ve all come to trust with it’s claim to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in all of it’s products which offers 10x more germ protection than the leading national competitor. This is actually the first foam dispenser I’ve tried because I’m still using the budget brand liquid soaps. Lysol claims antimicrobial properties are built in to protect the pump and resist odor-causing bacteria as well. I don’t own a blacklight to test the germ elimination claims but I do like how the foam is thick enough to coat my little one’s hands as she washes. The foam contains micro-bubbles of hand softener yet I keep hand lotion nearby as a habit. The foam does rinse cleanly off while liquid soap sometimes takes quite a bit of rinsing and rubbing to wash away. The scent provided free to me as a Bzz Agent is Vanilla Orchid and while Lucky Cricket likes it, I don’t care for scented products and it appears they do not have an unscented version. The Lysol website has a contest to design the label so check it out.

I have not compared pricing so I’m not sure if foam is economically better than liquid or vice versa. The most important value feature is the amount of germs eliminated of course! Not sure if the small bottles are refillable or if they must be disposed of because of the dispenser eventually developing germs with prolonged use. I have coupons to pass along so you can try it for yourself!