The Lucky Cricket and I spent a day off of school last week availing ourselves of our craft supplies to make all manner of goodies. We have been art journaling in our books and trying new mixed media techniques; it is indeed true what they say: creating every day does wonders to improve your skills! I came across some white sculpey brand polymer clay I still had so we got busy kneading it to elasticity. I pulled off a dollop and started coiling it as I learned many, many! years ago in art class.  When the Lucky Cricket asked, “Watcha making mommy?!” I had to think fast, so I decided it was going to be a wonky bee skep. She immediately made a bee – with a prominent stinger – and attached it to the side; so adorbs!

It had to be painted after baking and cooling so I didn’t get around to that until I was stuck inside while watching the white-out blizzard of sparkling snow swirl around outside. This tiny sculpture so delights me! Do I have to tell you I accidentally dropped this? more than once? of course I did, and it didn’t even break – amazing. It is so light-weight too. 2 1/2 inches tall and 1 3/4 inches across of cuteness. I used gleaming gold acrylic paint on the outside with a dash of walnut stain distress ink, and on the inside it is sunny yellow with sparkly glitter. Our wee bee has a silver stinger and antennae.bee skep

inside the hive

Having a successful experience creating makes me so H A P P Y ! Polymer clays come in different colors so next I’ll have to try my hand at using the colors for the desired effect. Does this sound like play dough for grown-ups? I’ll also have to post my daily art journaling for you to see!