I’m a Bzz Agent and I had another opportunity to taste test yummy Private Selection brand foods! My official kit included Classic Water Crisps Crackers and Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee with coupons to aquire free samples of cheese, olives, marinara sauce, and yogurt. It took me so long to actually get this review posted because the products are not widely stocked in the King Sooper locations I shop at – go figure!

I was in a different part of town when I saw a lovely display of the Private Selection cheeses and deli meats so I picked up some Buffalo Monterey Jack which has a nice zing of flavor but not so spicy it kills your taste buds. The Jalepeno Stuffed Olives were sold out so that is a sure indication of the best flavor choice huh? I picked up the Citrus Stuffed Olives for Martini cocktails as I’m not a Bleu Cheese fan. The Cranberry/Raspberry yogurt was almost depleted but I got one along with the Strawberry which is my favorite. These yogurts can be eaten alone, with steel cut oats for breakfast, or used to add oomph! to pound cake for dessert.

private selection foods

The photo includes many of the other Private Selection products I currently have in the kitchen and suddenly it seems like I all I do is eat, eat, eat! Did you know frozen Wild Blueberries are great to have on hand for pancakes, baking or snacking? Kids love how blue their mouths and fingers get!

Pick up some Private Selection items for easy gourmet Holiday or anytime entertaining to serve your family and friends healthy ingredients with special flavors to make your meal memorable. Look for the black Private Selection label.