Did you know there are a billion uses for Altoid tins? Type it in the internet search and get lost in utter amazement for hours! I actually haven’t purchased any mints recently but I still have a supply of empty tins – mostly the 1.76 oz size. Lucky Cricket loves them and has put to use a mini tin as a bed in her fairy house and stores her Shrinky Dink trinkets in another.

I made a travel watercolor tin for us using one of the many tutorials out on the www! So fun! I used the weekly 40% Hobby Lobby coupon to purchase a small $1.99 square of white Sculpey for the interior. The idea of this is to create indentations to hold gouache in the clay but I already had some watercolor tins pried out of an old Prang set so I pressed those into the clay.

watercolor travel tin

I have an old toaster oven I plug in outdoors and only use for art projects. It was my first time using oven bake clay and probably my last… I’m not much of a sculptor I admit. There is something I want to make using Paperclay so…