Another Goodwill post! I picked up a shiny brass but a wee bit rusted bar cart for ten whole dollars a month ago. First I thought I would strip it down to the shiny silver chrome but nah….instead I used the Rust-oleum metallic oil-rubbed bronze spray; which I waited to use at night when it cooled down so as not to ignite a blaze in this heat and drought!

I don’t drink because alcohol brings on horrible migraines and I’m not entirely convinced there is any truth to the “one drink a day life longevity” quackery, especially when said migraine makes me want to put a bullet in my skull to stop the pain so…um, where was I?…ah yes…the bar cart is now a family photograph cart. And it’s okay that I have a large family because Goodwill has a large selection of frames!

bar cart before and after

You’ll notice in the after picture that it does not contain wheels because I wanted industrial type black rubber wheels and dang if those don’t fit the cart! I did find something at Home Depot that I might mickey mouse with to make work but it would all cost more than I paid for the bar cart and spray paint! It’s always something! Saturday is 50% off day at Goodwill – see you there!